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Being fervent in the service of the Lord is what is required of a believer who is a child of God (Romans 12:11). These days many are being active in the service of the Lord. Many are involved in activities that show themselves to be spiritual. But are all these activities honoring the Lord? We cannot judge them, but we must analyze our motives of being involved in activities. Paul asks us to build with care on the foundation already laid that is Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3: 10-11). We should build on this foundation with materials that will last when tested with fire on the last day. These will reveal the quality of our work. Three of the materials which last portray Jesus Christ and three which will be burnt portrays man.

Gold speaks of the divinity of Jesus, Silver is related to betrayal and thus the redemption of man and precious stones displays His Glory. Wood, hay or straw all speak of man and shows that they easily and quickly are burned with fire. Only ashes remain when they are burnt. What do we learn from these? Our foundation is already laid and we must build using GOLD- proclaim Jesus is God, SILVER- Just as Jesus was betrayed, suffered, we too must be able to undergo persecutions and sufferings for Christ and PRECIOUS STONES-don’t do anything for personal glory. Are we doing these spiritual activities for getting a name in Christian circles, to be recognized, and thus wield a proxy power?


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