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Purity of heart…

Most of the Christians believe that Salvation is a onetime experience of becoming a child of God through faith in Jesus. They like to enter through the narrow gate and walk on the broad way. According to the Bible broad way leads to destruction. What Jesus offers in Mat7:14, is the “small gate and narrow way that leads to life”.

What is our ambition in life? Are they laid on material things like money, honur, pleasure and improved life style or they are spiritual in nature that has eternal values?

The hope of every child of God is not just to get into heaven when He comes but we will become like Him when He appears 1John 3:2. This process has already begun in the believer’s life, 2 Cori 3:18. Therefore, everyone who has this hope, to become like Him when He appears must purify himself as HE IS PURE 1John 3:3. Let’s focus on the purity of our Lord Jesus and live up to His standard.

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Daily Bread

Jesus taught us to pray ‘God centered prayer’, honoring Him, His kingdom and His will. Then He is teaching us to depend on Him for our necessities, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Mat 6:11). God is not only concerned with our spiritual well-being, he is deeply concerned for our physical, emotional and mental well-being also. Is this prayer relevant in today’s situation? Most of us have our daily bread sufficiently that we often forget to acknowledge it as from the Lord.

“Give us this day” – asking God just enough for the day. This prayer shows how much we daily need to depend upon Him. Jesus’ dependence upon the Father is an example for us to follow. God always met the needs of His people just for the day. For instance, God gave manna to the children of Israel just for the day; God gave breakfast and dinner to Elijah through raven just for the day. Jesus taught us not to worry about tomorrow because He cares and provides for us just as He provides to the birds in the sky that do not sow nor reap.

God is the provider. Jehovah Jireh – it is important for us to remember and appreciate God’s daily provision. “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” Phi. 4:19.

Father who cares for His children. We know how much an earthly father cares for his children’s welfare. We approach God only when we have major problems which we cannot solve, but He is interested even in little things in our lives. The currency that we have in our wallet is a piece of paper which has no value if there is a famine. Hence, express our deep gratitude to the Lord for His daily provision. This prayer keeps us away from all the anxiety and discouragement of the future

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He cares for us

We send or receive mails with these encouraging words at the end -­‘Take Care’…. We feel good as we hear these words of encouragement and consolation. However, seldom we receive a mail saying that I care for you. We may have many friends and relatives who are willing to share our joy and happiness, but very few to share our sorrows and grief.

The Bible says: “Casting all your anxiety on Jesus, because He cares for you”… What a comforting statement!! Man is always worried about tomorrow, his life, children, family etc. A story goes like this… Two birds on the tree top were looking at the worried, gloomy men who were walking on the road. One of the birds asked: “Why are these men’s faces always sad and gloomy?” The other bird replied, “These men may not have the Heavenly Father as we do to feed them every day”. Jesus said “Be, therefore not anxious about tomorrow; for tomorrow will be anxious for the things of itself. Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things”. He cares for us…

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Why did Jesus die?

Jesus died for our sins in order to redeem us, to bring salvation to mankind, to remove the gulf between man and God and so on. These answers are true but only one side of the coin. The other side is found in 2 Cori 5:15 “He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again”. It is meaningless to say that we enjoy the salvation through Jesus’ death and live for ourselves.

Faith in Jesus will bring a sense of responsibility to God and man. His old self-centered life is over and he will have an all-out desire to live righteously. For all genuine believers, their life in Christ not only a death to sin, but a resurrection to a new life of righteousness and unselfishness.

Let’s stop living for ourselves and begin to live a resurrected life for Him.

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Am I a Legalistic?

A believer can be a legalistic when he does spiritual activities as a ritual. Attending church meetings, praying and reading the Bible can be a ritual and a routine in a believer’s life. A legalist study God’s word to acquire knowledge and to claim that he knows everything. He believes that he is better than others.

A true disciple of Jesus always will be whole hearted, sincere and gives the best for God. We learn legalism in the beginning chapters of the Bible. In Genesis 4 we have Cain and Abel who brought offering as an appreciation to God’s blessing. There is a vast difference in both their offerings. Cain brought ‘an’ offering but Abel brought firstling of his flock and of their fat portions (Gen 4:3-4). In other words Abel gave the best whereas Cain gave just ‘an’ offering. God regarded Abel’s offering and rejected Cain’s.

Does God regard or reject our offerings? – This is an important question that we must ask ourselves. Consider the ‘offering’ as what you are and what you have. God looks at our attitude of giving. A legalistic believer gives for honour and fame, but a true disciple gives the best in secret. A legalistic believer gives, out of abundance, but a disciple gives sacrificially by faith. For a true disciple God comes first in his life but for a legalistic his own comfort is the first priority. Cain got angry with God instead of correcting himself. A true disciple always examines his life in accordance to God’s word. Am I a legalistic?

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Who are you Lord?

Unless we realize who we are, it is difficult to understand who God is. People reject the salvation through Jesus, because they don’t want an external or internal force to control their lives. They believe in worldly pleasure, freedom and entertainment to the max. Their theosophy is that believing in God will take away their freedom of worldly pleasure and entertainment.

Apostle Paul who was very zealous in Jewish belief and persecuted the believers and churches had to know who he was. On the way to Damascus (Acts 9) Jesus introduce Himself to Paul as the one whom he persecutes. This unique revelation of Jesus to Saul made him become a great apostle of Jesus.

The Lord has revealed our real state and true colour in many occasions through different people and through God’s word, but we harden our hearts like Pharaoh who refused to accept God’s plan. God wants to use us as he used Apostle Paul, but we are reluctant to accept His calling. We are tied up with our busy life and worldly cares. If we ask this question sincerely “WHO ARE YOU LORD?” He will reveal Himself to us.

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Who are you?

When we admit our real state God will reveal Himself and use us more effectively. In Old Testament times the names of the people and its meaning revealed their character. The meaning of the name ‘Jacob’ is “one who takes by the heel” or supplants, a deceiver. He grabbed Esau’s heel at birth, and by the time he fled from home, he grabbed his brother’s birthright and blessings.

It is interesting to see a significant change in Jacob’s life. When his father asked him what his name was he said I am Esau. He grabbed the blessing through deceitful plan Gen 27:18-19. Wherever he went he was successful in his deceitfulness. But when God asked him the same question in Gen 32:27 what is your name? He said I am ‘Jacob’. He could not lie before God. He accepted his real state.

The Lord is asking us the same question today, what is your name? If we are willing to accept our real state, He will change our character and nature as He changed Jacob. We may be successful like Jacob that doesn’t mean that the Lord is happy with us. He will not be able to change and use us for His glory unless we confess our real state, “Who are you?”

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