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The actions that Moses displayed in Hebrews 11: 24-27 shows that he was not concerned of this world pleasures but rather was keeping his eyes on the reward that awaited him (vs. 26). He had to endure affliction, reproach and wrath of the king. What kept him from going on with these difficulties is that ‘he endured as seeing Him who is invisible’ (vs.27). The invisible God had been the source of his strength. His allegiance to God was because he had a close relationship with Him. He developed this confidence and obedience to God word because he daily communed with Him. He kept his eyes on God.

Our desire to detach from the ‘pleasures’ of this world, ‘reproaches’ of not associating with people and practices of this world and the ‘wrath’ of our employers and those of authority will depend on our daily communion with God. Our desire for the ‘reward that awaits us’ depends on our communion and relationship with God. Are we in constant  fellowship with Him?


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There are discouragements that come our way. It may be the departure of someone we respect to another country, loss of a loved one, the sickness of a dear one, the insults we tend to face repeatedly, and many more. These happenings come our way mostly unexpectedly. Our reaction to them is of shock, disbelief, disheartenment, or discouragement.

The disciples of Jesus went through a similar situation when Jesus told them He will have to die and then go back to heaven. Peter could not take it and he objected to it (Mathew 16: 21-23). Later we read that Jesus comforts them with a command. “ Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God and believe also in Me. (John 14:1).

Belief in God and Jesus is essential for us to overcome the sorrows and hurts. Belief in His promises, assurances, and presence is the only way we can overcome these hardships. Let us not be engrossed in the pain and sorrows but commit to completely put our belief in God.  When we believe in God we focus on Him and not the problems. When we ponder on the discouragements, our hearts are troubled. TRUST HIM

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The Lord has blessed each one of us with leadership qualities. You may be a leader in the church, in the youth group, in Sunday school or at home. How we demonstrate our God given leadership quality is very important in the sight of God.

A leader always makes decision with discernment.   

In 1Samuel 14 we see Jonathan who takes a bold decision to go against the Philistines when King Saul was resting under the pomegranate tree, inactive and confused. Jonathan said “come let us go” (V-1). Today we need leaders who can make bold decisions in the will of the Lord.

A leader is the one who demonstrates courage in all circumstances.

Jonathan and his army had to cross between two sharp rocks (1 Samuel 14:4). The names of the rocks were Bozez means ‘slippery’ and Seneh means ‘thorny’. In the slippery and thorny situations of the people, a leader must be able to carry them through it with courage.

Jonathan demonstrated great faith in the Lord that should have been demonstrated by King Saul.  Are you a leader who is resting under the pomegranate tree of comfort when the people need you with them?

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