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The disciples and followers of Jesus were shattered when they saw their teacher, guide and friend being crucified on a cross, suffering the abuses of the soldiers and left dying on the cross. Jesus had on different occasions predicted His death and His resurrection. Some believed in Him, some did not. He came down from heaven to die for man and to bring him salvation and all the spiritual blessings.

Today 2000 years later we are joyful that we have a Savior who having ‘ purged our sins’, now lives in heaven and is seated at the right hand of God (Hebrews 1:3). We are joyful that by His work of salvation our sins are forgiven and that we have eternal life. Our redeemer suffered and died and now lives, giving us assurance that we too have His life in us so that we also will live eternally. Halleluiah what a savior
“When He comes our glorious king
All his ransomed home to bring
Then anew this song we’ll sing
Halleluiah what a savior


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I am innocent…

I am innocent of this Man’s blood” Mathew 24:24. A judge is trying to prove his innocence and allowing an innocent man to be killed by religious fanatics and Roman soldiers. In making no decision, Pilate made the decision to let the crowd crucify Jesus. Although he washed his hands, the guilt remained. Washing your hands of a tough situation doesn’t cancel your guilt. It will give you a false sense of peace. Don’t make excuses, take responsibility of the decisions you make.

Every day we make many personal decisions; at our work place; on behalf of our children and as a leader of our home; and it should be made with discernment and willingness to take the responsibility and face any consequences. Some decisions are hard to reverse, hence always make them by trusting in the Lord without leaning on our own understanding; acknowledge Him in all our decisions and He will make our path straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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One of the reasons of Paul writing the epistle to Titus is to instruct Titus “to put in order and to appoint elders” (Titus 1:5) in Crete. Titus was a trustworthy person and one capable of this task. He was to choose elders in the early church, a task that needed good judgment and wisdom. Any problems later will result in many questions to be answered. Paul was entrusting Titus with this highly responsible job.

Paul had given instruction on what criteria to look out in appointing elders. But the responsibility did not end there.  Paul had a dependable man for the job.

There was to be discernment in Titus to choose the right person and there was discernment in Paul to send Titus for this great task.

One area lacking in Christian work either in churches or Christian organizations is discernment. We do lot of ‘activities’, but discerning power is lacking. Can we choose the ‘right’ job or person for the Christian activity? Do we depend on God for discernment?

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Amazing Quietness

Jesus was brought before Pilate the governor to be questioned, but He did not answer any of his questions except one “Are you the king of the Jews?” Jesus answered and said “It is as you say”. He was accused by the chief priest and elders, but He was not provoked by those accusations. But His quietness provoked them instead and they asked Him “Do you not hear?” It is recorded that he did not answer them with regard to even a single charge that amazed the governor. Mathew 27:11-14

Why did Jesus exercise quietness when he was falsely accused? What would be our reaction when others falsely accuse us?

First of all, He did encounter those accusations because He was standing in front of the governor as an accused one on behalf of us, in order to bring us up into a glorious position. Secondly, to learn from Him how to handle situations when provoked through various accusations; troubled by our own people; harassed by the world. Instead of counter attacking them by my own means, exercise ‘quietness’ which is the Christ-like approach.

A matured quietness is the status of our heart. When we are accused, our attitude should not be like Oh! I am not able to react to it because I am a Christian and I’ am loser. The quietness and silence of Jesus was the status of His heart which we have to develop as Christians.

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Judas killed himself because of the guilt of betrayal of Jesus; he said “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood” Mathew 27:3. He tried to remove the guilt through his own means by returning the silver coins. His guilt was beyond repair by just doing certain things emotionally. As a believer what is our reaction when the Holy Spirit convinces us of our sins through His word? Often, our response to those convictions remains with few emotional corrections without any true repentance which leads to spiritual suicide. When Peter was convinced of His sins he went out and wept bitterly which shows his repentance, hence Jesus could restore him and use him for His glory later on. When is the last time you repented and wept when convinced of your spiritual poverty?

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