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Man Who Failed

Peter is the example of a person who came back strongly after his series of failures. After being introduced by his brother Andrew to Jesus, he became a follower of Jesus. He made to important revelation about Jesus, calling him the Son of the Living God (Mathew 16: 16). He also had failures in having a weak faith when walking on water (Mathew 14:30), rebuking Jesus for predicting His death (Mathew 16: 23) and Jesus calling him “Satan”. The final one was denying the Master who had led and taught him for three years (Mathew 26:74).

Jesus had a greater plan for this failed man. He made a strong comeback when he stood up to proclaim of Jesus. The result was three thousand souls were saved. God can still change our failures to His purpose. He can still use us for His glory. The only need be we humbly accept our mistakes and depend on him.

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