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Self Evaluation

We are emotionally charged up as we draw close to another decade. The fervor is seen in church services; the watch-night services planned and these will last for few days. We remember God’s faithfulness and his goodness. His character will never change. He will continue to shower His goodness on His people and will remain forever be faithful (Lamentations 3: 22, 23).

We must never forget His blessing that we have enjoyed. But we must also evaluate ourselves with regard to the opportunities that we have received last year. Have I made the best use of them? Did I live my life to God’s glory? Was my dealing with fellow believers pure and peaceful? Was my giving, out of love for God? Did my speech and action hurt others? Was I an example at my workplace? Did I use my time, talents and treasure to tell others about Christ? Did I obey Jesus last command to go am make disciples?

The answers to these questions will make us evaluate ourselves and make each day of the New Year 2011 meaningful.


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Denying Jesus!!!

Judas betrayed Jesus secretly… Peter denied Jesus publically… We may feel angry towards Judas and sorry for Peter… Sometime we even criticize them for their unfaithfulness to their Master.

Now let’s examine ourselves how often we have denied Jesus during the year 2010??? We deny the authority of Jesus over our life when our ‘self’ sits on the throne of our life and make decisions. Often, we make decisions and then pray to the Lord for approval.

In Mathew 26:17-18 the disciples had to make a decision about where to prepare the Passover for 13 people including Jesus. For us it is not an importance decision to go to Jesus and disturb Him. But we read that “the disciples came to Jesus”. In the presence of Jesus we have answer to all our problems. He is willing to help us and be a part in our decision making, but we are reluctant to approach Him.

The principle of decision making is recorded in Proverb 3:5 Trust in the Lord Do not lean on your own understanding In all your decision (way) acknowledge Him May the Lord help all of us to acknowledge Him and depend on Him in our decision making.

 Wish you all a Happy New Year

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The purpose of Christ coming to this world is to save sinners. Jesus Christ himself says in Luke 4:18-19 His need of coming as a person in human flesh. He came for the needy, oppressed, blind, and destitute ones. His coming was for those who needed a Savior. The fact that we have come to Him as made us His children. 

Our responsibility does not end there. Do we come to Jesus even today? At the beginning we came to Him, knowing the fact that we needed Him. We think we have become clean and do not need Him further. That is a wrong thinking. When we constantly acknowledge that we are poor and helpless, imprisoned and blind—either physically or spiritually—then Jesus can come to us. As it is told in 1 John 1:9, we need to seek His cleansing. 

Come to Jesus every day.

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I no longer live…

“I no longer live! Now it is Christ who lives His life in me Gal. 2:20” 

There are two aspects of salvation that should be manifest in a Christian’s life: the first is the forgiveness of sin; the second is his deliverance from sinning. Anyone who is not experiencing both of these aspects in his life is living beneath the privileges that God has accomplished for us in Christ.

At the beginning of the Christian life, we are concerned with our doing and not with our being; we are distressed more by what we have done than by what we are. We think that if only we could rectify certain things we would be good Christians; therefore, we set out to change our actions. We try to please the Lord, but we find that something within us does not want to please Him. And the more we try to rectify matters externally, the more we realize how deep-seated the problem really is.                                                Watchman Nee

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