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Amazing Faith!  

Jesus did many miracles and wonders during his public ministry on the earth.  People marveled and were astonished at His work.  Here is an occasion Jesus marveled hearing the faith of a centurion and said “I have not found such faith with anyone in Israel” Mat 8:10

The centurion was a military officer in the Roman army who could have let many obstacles to stand between him and Jesus – pride, time, money, self-sufficiency, power, race etc.  But these barriers did not block him in approaching Jesus for help.

The compassion of centurion towards his slave servant who was paralyzed and about die is remarkable. He sets his priorities right notwithstanding his position and power he wanted his servant to get healed. He acknowledged that Jesus is the only source of life and reach Him for the help and the healing.

The centurion considered his power and position inferior to the power of Jesus. He acknowledged the worth of Jesus and accepted his unworthiness.  He said “Lord I am not worthy for you to come under my roof” Mat 8:8. 

Jesus marveled at the faith of Roman centurion who exercised his whole hearted faith in Him.  He said “Lord, you just say a word and my servant will be healed” Mat 8:8. Amazing faith!!!


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