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Contract Faith

Our life in Christ has begun the day when we put our trust in Him. It began with a belief that He will give us eternity. He has assured us eternal salvation. Our souls are in His care and we will live with Him forever. This is regarding the salvation of our soul.

In this journey we go through joys and sorrows, troubles and testing. Our Lord had not exempted these difficulties in life. We have to go through them. Sometimes we feel that as we regularly read the Bible, regularly attend church, regularly give tithe, God has duty to keep us from troubles. We feel we are exempt from these trials. We are under the impression that if we do all these we are exempt from difficulties. We are bribing God with our actions.

God has promised eternal salvation, not the comfort of this life. He has assured us eternal life, not the pleasantness of this life. Our duty is to keep trusting and not have a faith that is like a contract. So let’s keep trusting in Him.


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Do you Love Him?

We always have the tendency to compare ourselves with other believers. Then we come to a conclusion that I am better than so and so in the church. Most of the time we think that the message we hear in the church are not for us but for the brother or sister who sits next to us. This is one of the reasons that hinder our spiritual progress. 

Apostle Peter had the same problem of comparing himself with other disciples and Jesus rebuked it. Mat 26:33 “even though all (other disciples) may fall away because of you, I will never fall away”. Jesus had to teach him the basic principle of discipleship; obedience and love through a humiliating experience. After resurrection Jesus led Peter through an experience that would remove the cloud of His denial. Peter had denied Jesus three times. Three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Our test of love to Him should be proved by our willingness to serve Him. Unless we realize our real spiritual status it is hard to surrender all to Him and appreciate His love. Do you love Him?

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One of the results of having trusted Jesus is that we have eternal life. John 3:16 states this fact that believing in Jesus gives us ‘ everlasting life’. He is called as the “Eternal Father” (Isaiah 9:6). He is eternal and everything He involves has eternity in it. 

Whatever Jesus touched had eternity in it. When Jesus took the bread and fed the multitude, He taught a truth that ‘He is the Bread of Life’ (John 6:35). He was able to give everlasting life to those who believe in Him (John 6:40). When He came to raise dead Lazarus he stated that He is the resurrection and Life (John 11:25). 

The people who come in contact with us, maybe our class mates, colleagues or friends and relatives must get a glimpse of eternity through our lives. We may not be eloquent but we can show humility. We may not be smart, but we can show grace and love. Let us touch the lives of people through our actions and words. May our lives reveal His glory and draw others to Christ.

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God’s way of deliverance is altogether different from man’s way. Man’s way is to try to suppress sin by seeking to overcome it; God’s way is to remove sin. Many Christians mourn over their weakness, thinking that if only they were stronger all would be well. But God’s means of delivering us from sin is not by making us stronger and stronger; rather it is by making us weaker and weaker. God sets us free from the dominion of sin, not by strengthening our old man, but by crucifying him; not by helping the old man to do anything, but by entirely removing the old man from the scene of action.       Watchman Nee

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Happy New Year

Each year we make resolutions, either to fulfill them or break them. This year also we would make a renewed commitment of pleasing Christ in every area of our lives. For every resolution we make, commitments we tend to fulfill, promises we tend to keep, we must know they are possible only with the help of God.

Zechariah 4:6, the Lord says ‘it’s not my might or by power, but by My Spirit’. The ability to fulfill the desires of the heart rests on the Lord. In Psalms 127:1, we are again reminded of God’s presence in every area of our lives. To employ and use our skills would be futile without His role. Jesus again emphasized this cardinal truth in John 15:5 that without Him we can do nothing.

This coming year let us be conscious of His presence. He must be in all our activities if it has to display His glory. Be it our professional, or spiritual, or family, or personal, His role is a must and if we need to bear fruit we must acknowledge His presence.

Happy New Year

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