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How silly to live without God; how foolish to run and hide from Him; how ridiculous to disobey Him. But we do. Joel reminds us of it and encourages us the following in Joel 2:21-27 

1. God has done great things (vs. 21). Yes, He has and will continue to do. The great things He has done is what we would not have even imagined. What we are today is only because what the Lord has performed in our lives.  

2. I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten (vs. 25). We would have lost many days, months and years because of our indifference to God, but He is the one who desires to restore and give us something better. We might have done many things that was not pleasing to Him and wasted many years. God is now giving us back the days we lost in different and better forms. Only God can do it. Praise God. 

3. His children will never be shamed (vs.26). God loves His children and in difficult circumstances we will not be shamed. We will be able to stand with our head held high and many will know that He is our God.


This is the personal experience of a God fearing child of God who is growing in the Lord. We cannot live a moment without the presence of God and without taking instructions from Him. We have an intimate relationship with God and He is giving us insights about Him.

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