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Two of the most popular words in the Christian vocabulary are bless and blessing. God wants to bless His people. He wants them to be recipients and channels of blessing. God bless us to make us a blessing to others, but he has given us certain conditions for receiving the blessings.

First, we must be separated from the world. Psalm 1:1. ‘The world’ is anything that separates us from God or causes us to disobey Him. Separation is not isolation but contact without contamination. Sin is usually a gradual process. Notice the gradual decline of the sinner in Psalm 1. He is walking (Mark 14:54), standing (John 18:18) and then sitting (Luke 22:55).  Becoming worldly is progressive; it happens by degree. We make friends with the world; we become spotted by the world; we love the world, become confirmed to it and end up condemned with it.

Second, we must be saturated with the Word. Psalm 1:2. Whatever delights us directs us. We saturate ourselves with the Word by meditating on it. When we meditate on the Word, we allow the Spirit of God within us to digest the Word of God for us.

God desire to bless us, but we must meet His conditions for receiving blessings. By staying separate from the world and keeping saturated in the word, we expect God’s blessing. Resolve to meditate on the Word of God and obey it. He will make you a blessing to others.  

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