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Our relationship with Christ begins by faith. We stretch our hands of faith and receive the free gift of salvation that God prepared through Jesus Christ. Since then we grow daily like our Lord Jesus, rooted and grounded in His word. In our journey of faith, He daily allows us to go through different tests to see how we progress in our relationship with Him. As our self confidence level diminishes, our faith in Him will get charged. In reality, we exercise faith and start praying only when a situation goes beyond our control. But the Lord wants to be a partner with us in all our big or small situations whether it seems good or bad, happy moments or sad moments, exciting or disappointing time. Do you have a kind of relationship with our Lord that you may say, I cannot live a moment without Him, He is my everything and He is my all.



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Jesus is alive!!!

On the first day of the week Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave and the angel appeared to them and communicated four important messages. (Mathew 28:1-6).  They are:

1. Do not be afraid

2. He is not here

3. He has risen

4. Come and see the place

These are the four important lessons we must learn in connection with resurrection of Jesus. We can live without fear when we meditate upon resurrected Jesus. Jesus lives in my heart not in external places of worship. I live a resurrected joyful life because I too have been buried with Him and raised with Him so that I would walk in newness of life. I am crucified with Christ; now no more that I live but Christ lives in me, hence others can experience Jesus through my life, “come and see”! May this be your experience as you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Hallelujah, Jesus is alive and He lives in my heart!

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“Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, named it EBENEZER, saying “thus far the Lord has helped us” 1Samuel 7:12. Children of Israel set up the stone as a memorial of God’s great help and deliverance. We too can look back and say that the Lord is our Ebenezer, He helped us in the past when we faced difficult situations in life, delivered us from various temptations, protected us from dangers in life, healed us when we were broken hearted, encouraged us when we were worried and so on. Truly He is our Ebenezer. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He will continue to be our Ebenezer in the days to come.

Our confidence level increases when we think of the wonderful ways that He led us in the past and will trust in Him that He will stand with us even in the future when situations and circumstances might shake us. He is a present help in times of trouble.

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