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Do we betray Jesus?

We love and cherish our external life more than internal or spiritual life. In fact, the transformation of a child of God begins internally and will be evident externally. Unfortunately, believers are made to believe that the evidence of blessings is prosperity and physical healing. Our church prayer meeting and personal prayers are overflowing with healing and material needs.

In Mathew 26:47-50 Judas approached Jesus with a kiss and said, “Hail, Rabbi”. Judas was trying to express what he is not inside. He was influenced by Satan, loved money more than his Master. He did not kiss out of his love towards Jesus but for money. “The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil” 1Timothy 6:10. Jesus knew the heart of Judas and asked him to do what he had come for.  The Lord is looking for believers with sincere heart, filled with true love for Him. Often we pretend that we love Him but our heart is far from Him. Do we try to kiss Jesus and then betray Him? Do we call upon him to get our things done? Do we say we love Him and live as we like?

A life of a believer is an open book that others read and get blessed. The moment we focus on the things of the world and on our ‘self’ we give a wrong message to the world and the people whom we are in contact with. Always remember that we are the light of the world


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Emotion under control

How do we approach our daily situations and issues in life? Sometimes we speak and do things emotionally instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to take control of the situation. Peter could not control himself when he realized that his Lord and Master was caught by the religious leaders. He had no option other than to respond immediately and cut off the ear of the high priest. Peter did not have the discernment to accept the situation and react to it by knowing the mind of Christ. Let’s examine our life, how we react to situations and problems? Do we react with discernment knowing our Master’s mind or react charged with emotions. Jesus said “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword” Mathew 26:52. The Biblical lessons that we learn to face situations in life are:

Do not use worldly means to solves our problems

In worldly sense Jesus would have appreciated the brave act of Peter who was willing to stand for Him when He was faced with a difficult situation, instead He rebuked Peter. It doesn’t matter what we go through but in all situations acknowledge His presence and look to Him alone for guidance and leading. It is better to trust in Him than to put our confidence in man or in worldly means.

A child of God is not permitted to act emotionally

If we analyze how we had faced issues and situations in the past, most of the time we were charged by emotions instead of looking to the Lord for an answer. Peter was filled with emotions. It is natural, but Jesus asked Peter to put his sword back. Do not take your sword when things go wrong in your life but hide yourself in His word and He will guide you.

Answers to any situations is not with us

We might as well go through situations beyond our control, but answers to those issues are not with us but with the Lord. Leave all to Him and He will take care of you. We need to learn how to lean on Him, as long as our ‘self’ sits on the throne of our lives we will not be able to trust in Him fully.

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Are you meek???

Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth. – Numbers 12:3 (KJV). These are the words told of a man who began as a murder, showed signs of anger, but exhibited himself as the meekest man on the earth.  Forty years in the wilderness, taking care of sheep refined his nature to become a changed man. Time and experience did work humility in him, but also his encounter with God at the ‘burning bush’, transformed him. It was the meeting with ‘I AM’ that changed his life completely.

Humility and meekness is not measured by ability or achievement, but by the commitment of the purposes of the great I AM. We have different ‘burning bush’ experiences that must transform us to have a meek and humble character. Our encounter with God will forever change us.

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Are you sleeping???

The disciples could not watch and pray with Jesus when His heart was deeply grieved to the point of death. Jesus asked them, “Are you still sleeping and resting?” Mat 26:45. Most of the Christians today have entered into a spiritual sleep, lethargic, lazy and inactive. The hour is at hand, there is urgency in keeping ourselves active in doing His work.

The believer’s present spiritual condition will lead to an inactive Spirit, weak flesh that leads to worldly temptations (Mat. 26:41). Jesus gives two remedies to our spiritual status. 1) Watch 2) Pray. Watch means being aware of the possibility of temptation, sensitive to our spiritual downfall. Temptation strikes where we are most vulnerable and we can’t resist it alone. We fall into temptation when we feel that we are strong enough to face it. Prayer is essential because God’s strength can shore up our defenses and defeat Satan’s power.


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