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There are three important verses in the introduction of John’s gospel. John 1:1 tells us the eternal deity of Christ. John1:14 reveal the ‘incarnation’. John 1:18, the presence of Jesus in eternity. 

The Word ‘with God’ (1:1) and in ‘the bosom of the Father’ (1:18), shows us what God is like. Jesus has revealed God to us. Only God can reveal God. This was made possible by the ‘incarnation’ of Jesus. The four words that describe incarnation “THE WORD BECAME FLESH”, tells us that Jesus became one like us. God became man means ‘being in flesh’. He also ‘dwelt among us’, which means ‘he tabernacled’ among us. He made His dwelling with man. In the OT, God met man at the tabernacle, to commune with him.

Jesus, with God, in bosom of Father, now with man in human flesh.  Isn’t is so comforting to have a God with us. That is why He is called ‘Immanuel-God with us’


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John presents a voice from heaven in the opening verses of the gospel of John, as existing from eternity.  From 1:6-8, he tells of an earthly voice that of John the Baptist, who is sent by God to bear witness of the Light, who is Jesus. Jesus was Life (1:1-5), now He is also the Light (1:6-13). Now as the Light, He can dispel darkness from the lives of men who accept Him.

This Light that was revealed (vs.9) was resisted (vs10-11) by His creatures and countrymen. People did not accept the supremacy of Jesus in their lives.

 To those who receive that Light (vs.12-13), He gives them power to become the sons of God. A ‘SON’ has a home. We are now housed with Jesus in the heavenly home, the earthly house being a temporary one. ‘Son’ also has to do with our nature, our character. We belong to God’s family, so we have to have His character in us. How we look does not matter, but we have to reflect that Light and Life, Grace and Truth. 

Do we reflect Jesus through our life?

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The Gospel of John presents Jesus as the Son of God. John uses simple language to convey great truth in this Gospel. The prologue to the Gospel is from 1:1-18. In it he speaks of the Divine life (vs.1-vs.5), Divine light (vs.6-vs.13) and Divine love (vs.14-vs.18). He does not begin with Jesus genealogy, or His birth, but takes us to the Beginning, where He existed, and was involved in creation. 

He starts “In the beginning, was Word……. (vs.1). It does not refer to a start, but an infinite beginning. The Word, who is Jesus, is God existed from eternity past. John uses the word Logos (WORD), to reach out to the Greeks to whom he is writing. It was a well known Greek word, personified in the works of creation (Psalm 33:6). God spoke His word through the prophets to bring revelation, and His word was a delivering word. John applies this powerful ‘God’s Word’ in the OT as the title for Jesus. 

John uses the title “Word” in his writings. Gospel (the Word-John 1:1, 14), Epistle (the Word of life-1 John 1:1), and Revelation (the Word of God-Rev 19:13).

 Jesus is God, He is the Word.

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My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness” (II Corinthians 12:9).

Grace is God’s unmerited favor. It’s kindness from Him that we don’t deserve.  It is by His grace that we are saved. We live everyday by His grace. Grace empowers us and strengthens us. No matter what has happened in our past, we can receive God’s grace and forgiveness and start fresh. We can hold our head up high because His grace is enough. We may not be perfect, but we are forgiven. Satan always brings our past mistakes into our mind to doubt the grace and empowerment of God in us. We then trust in the blood of Jesus that has already paid for our mistakes. All we have to do is receive His grace and thank Him for His favor and empowerment in our life.

In the same way, extend that grace to others. Always remember not to punish or judge others for their past mistakes; instead, give them favor to start over. As we allow God’s grace to flow through us, we will be strengthened and empowered and enjoy God’s blessing in every area of our life.  Moreover, we will be a blessing to others.

Dear Lord, Thank you for Your sufficient grace that empowers me every day. Help me to extend that grace to others. Amen

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