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Man finds excitement in various things in the world. The object of excitement varies from person to person which ultimately leads to temporary satisfaction to his soul. After a while he will realize that it is vanity when the excitement brings disappointment and disillusionment. 

Almost 3000 years ago Solomon speaks of this human dilemma, but the insight and application of his message are relevant in our times. In the book of Ecclesiastes, he took the stock of his life that made him say this profound statement “everything apart from God is empty, hollow and meaningless”. 

The wisest man who ever lived on the earth says that true and permanent excitement comes only when we fear God and keep His commandments. We must also realize that God will bring every act of us to judgment, everything that is hidden whether it is good or evil.  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 

Find your excitement in the Lord Jesus Christ


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When we see the ways people resort to make riches and get fame, we as Christians feel grieved. At times there will be no shoulder to lean on. We may be sidelined and neglected. We may sometimes feel left out and lonely. All these will be the world’s methods of getting fame, neglecting people. What can we do in such a situation? Don’t get disheartened or discouraged, but always think and meditate on the Lord. God will hold our right hand to protect us and will also guide us with His wise counsel (Psalms 73: 23-24). In this world we have no one from whom we can get support. We only have God in this world and also in heaven. Our whole being may fail and despair, ‘but God is our strength and portion, forever’. (Psalms 73:25-26)

The idea that for us, man is on earth and God in heaven is wrong. God is always with us, in earth and heaven will comfort us. So let us ‘draw near to Him, put our trust in Him, and declares His works’ (Psalms 73: 28).

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God’s love is available from the beginning. When Adam sinned he drove him away from the Garden of Eden so that he does not have access the fruit of tree of life. Even though God took this corrective step, He also had love and showed grace for His creation. This characteristic of God is from eternity and He cannot forgo it, or develop it, or change to more of it. He is God of Love and Amazing Grace.

Even when we are subject to the knife of the surgeon, or hardships in the home, or exploitation in the work place and when we look back to the amazing way we have survived them, we can only reflect on God’s love and grace to have kept us from the difficulty and thank him for His eternal Love and amazing Grace. These hardships also help us to draw closer to Him and discover His wondrous ways.

He has loved us and will continue to love us. His love will never end, because even throughout eternity we will continue to speak of His wonderful love and amazing grace.

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Be joyful

“Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice” Philippians 4:4.  A child of God is commanded to be joyful always. The external circumstances and day-to-day issues should not take away the joy from our hearts. Most of the believers are ‘happy’ in the Lord but not ‘joyful’. Let’s try to understand the difference.   





State of our heart

State of our mind


God is the source

Source can be anything interesting  


Received through total surrender

Received instantly


Rests on heavenly matters

Rests on earthly matters


 Is permanent in nature

Is temporary in nature


Not influenced by feelings and circumstances

Influenced by feelings and circumstances


Cannot be taken away by external force

Can be disturbed easily


Measured based on our relationship with the Lord

Measured based on our moods and feelings


It is a gift

It can be created


Brings changes in life by God’s word

Not necessarily

 The Lord wants us to be Joyful and not just happy.

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