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As we leave the year 2011 and enter into a new year-2012, it is time to reflect on the events and incidents through which we experienced the tender loving care of our Lord and appreciate Him for what He is and thank Him for His goodness and blessings. We have made progress in most of the areas of our lives, but it is important to reflect on the spiritual progress in our relationship with Jesus. We may say that we have attended Church services whenever possible, extended financial and other support wherever required and so on. But let’s ask ourselves, ‘How much I could reflect Jesus in 2011 in the everyday situations of life. How far I could be the light of the world in year 2011?’

It is a challenge for a child of God to imitate Christ in this darkened world full of chaos, confusion and temptations. So we compromise with the world and dilute spiritual standards and thus become an ineffective disciple in our personal life, family life and Church life.

Let’s take Ephesians 5:1-2 as a challenge in the year 2012 “Be imitators of God as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma”.



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Anyone who says – ‘I love you’ and does not know the true and living God, the ‘love’ that he/she exhibits is selfish, demanding and meaningless. The world doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘love’ because the origin of love is none other than God Himself. The love that the world offers is temporary and is based on ‘give and take’. Sadly, love among Christians has also deteriorated to the level of worldly love. Sincerity and commitment is lacking in today’s Christian love. The result is separation, divorce, hatredness, selfishness and so on.

The origin of Christian love is God himself. The love of God is demonstrated in His gift of Jesus Christ (John 3:16). The love of Jesus is marked by sincerity, commitment, sacrifice and that which demands nothing from the recipient. This is the love that a true Christian must offer to others and to the world. Some of the areas that we could exhibit the love of Jesus in our daily lives are:

1) Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and   take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Mathew 5:39-40. This is a radical response to injustice which we face in everyday life.

2) Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Mathew 5:44. It helps us to overcome evil with good.

As we are fully taken up with the celebration of Christmas let’s learn the true meaning of God’s love.


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God who gives…

The world is in the celebration mood. The birth of Jesus is now being talked of by all Christians. People are awaiting the New Year. Time for joy and happiness. Time for giving gifts. Time for relishing good food. Time for parties. All this is because of the birth of Jesus, 2000 years ago.

When he was to be born, there was no room at the inn. In the words of Jesus, ‘foxes have holes, birds have nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head’ (Luke 9:58).  The only place where he laid His head was in a boat (Mark 4:38). At the end of His ministry, He was given to death on a cross. Jesus had nothing of His own in this world. But, Jesus is so generous, that He has gone to prepare a mansion for us that have many rooms. (John 14:2). There was no room for Jesus in this world, but He has a room for us in heaven.

This season and always let us remember, that God only gives. He gave His Son for us, He gives us health, wealth, and blessings to enjoy and He will give us a home to stay forever.

He is a giving God.

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How do we worship our Lord? Modern churches today have a well paid worship leader who emotionally moves the crowd to worship the Lord with their beautiful singing and with powerful musical gadgets. The crowds move their bodies, lift their hands and dance in tune to the music played. Satisfied folks go home thinking that they worshipped the Lord. 

Worship is an attitude of one’s heart, mind and body. Sins that are not repented and issues which are not reconciled are hindrances for our worship to reach heaven. Jesus teaches in Mathew 5:23-24 that ‘When you come to worship the Lord without reconciling issues with your brother, you must leave the offering and first settle the matter, then come to worship.’ Let’s worship the Lord with a clear conscience.  This is the worship that the Bible teaches.


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